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Go Deep Drop Fishing On A Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Deep Sea Charter Bottom FishingPensacola Beach, FL offers great Deep Drop Fishing. Grouper and many other deep water fish call the Gulf of Mexico waters home.

Deep Drop Fishing is done by sending a live bait, or cut bait to the bottom of the water column in 600 foot of water. Deep drop fishing is physically demanding so come prepared for a work out!

Heavy tackle, electric reels, and stout rods are the tool of choice when deep drop fishing due to the size and depth of these species of wreck fish and reef fish. Yellow Grouper, Warsaw Grouper, Scamp Grouper, Snowy Grouper, Grey Tilefish, Strawberry Grouper and more can be caught in the deep water off Pensacola Beach, FL.

Each species in the Grouper Family ranges in average size from... Scamp Grouper & Yellow Grouper in the 15-30+ range; & Warsaw over 30 lbs and reaching 300+ pounds!

Most deep water fish caught in the Guf of Mexico make a great seafood dinner and Tilefish are a prize catch for the dinner plate.

Grilled, Baked, Sauteed, Pan Fried, Deep Fried, many deep water species are delicious no matter how they are prepared.

Book a Bottom Fishing Charter with us and let the fun begin!

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Captain Victor Wright - Vitamin Sea Charters Pensacola Beach, FLCaptain Victor Wright and his father John Wright own Gulf Breeze Bait and Tackle and have been in the Saltwater Tackle business since 1981. Capt. Victor is a Gulf Breeze native and has been in the the charter fishing industry since 1991. He has spent a life time learning what it takes to catch fish, even when the fish won't bite!

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"Victor is a fantastic Captin for anglers of any skill level. Very, very knowledgeable of the area and all target species we have. I went Red Snapper fishing with him last season and we caught some MONSTERS!!!! There is no question that I will be on the Vitamin Sea with Capt. Vic as soon as the season starts!" - Sean - R.

"Vic is a very determined captain and really knows how to catch big fish I have blast everytime I board the boat and hope to fish with the team for many years to come." - Rino T.

"Talk about your river monsters!!! Awesome catch!!!" - Reyes G.

"Capt. Victor Wright Congrats on the new purchase of the Vitamin Sea. She deserves such an experienced Captain. What a gem of a charter boat! May she serve you well and the fish remain full." James W - Opulentworx

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